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The principles of Narratology can be brought into many disciplines, both therapeutic and non-therapeutic, and have a place in every helping, guiding, or service-related profession. It is most commonly adopted by mental health practitioners and educators, however skills in Narratology are also ideal for medical professionals, managers, parents, and anyone who leads or works with others. Training is available for those who wish to learn Narrative Coaching, and bring it into their own practice. The length and format of trainings can be customized, but the two most common paths towards getting trained are:

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Making Sense of Our Lives - Past, Present, & Future - Through Narratives

Theory: First, this is an opportunity to become acquainted with the importance that Narrative plays in our lives, as well as the unique blend of Narratology that I have developed and use with my clients. 

Technique: Then, deeper work can be done to become acquainted with the specific techniques and structure that I have developed for drawing out narrative, helping clients to reframe it, and then guiding a process of reintegration. These techniques can be learned through experiential workshops or in your own private narrative coaching sessions.

Practice: Lastly, to fully become proficient in Narrative reconstruction, you need to begin to apply it. It is traditional to do supervised case study review on an ongoing or ad hoc basis. 


  • Individual training is billed at the regular session rate of $200/hour, with a sliding scale available with demonstrated need.
  • Lectures, Group Lec/Dems, and Group Case Study are customized to suit the audience so prices will vary.

Coming soon, registration for public fall workshops.

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"We are not trapped in the identity of success or failure, or in any identity at all, neither in terms of how others see us nor in how we see ourselves." 

- Pema Chodron, author of The Places That Scare You