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The principles of Narratology can be brought into many disciplines, both therapeutic and non-therapeutic, and have a place in every helping, guiding, or service-related profession. It is most commonly adopted by mental health practitioners and educators, however skills in Narratology are also ideal for medical professionals, managers, parents, and anyone who leads or works with others.

Supervision and Training is available for those who wish to learn Narrative Coaching, and bring it into their own practice.  The length and format of supervision is tailored to each individual client, but the two most common forms of supervision are:


Individual Supervision

As with most things, the best way to understand how Narrative Coaching works is to experience it. For individuals who wish to learn the techniques, it is recommended that you participate in four to eight private sessions. In addition to receiving the benefits of narratology, you learn the steps needed to incorporate Narrative Coaching into your work. In one process, you are able to uncover your own story in a way that can help with personal and professional development. This type of individual supervision can ultimately be substituted with or extended by reviewing case studies brought by the supervisee on an ongoing basis, which will enable you to deepen and advance the work you are already doing.

Group Supervision

For teams of educators, coaches, healers, etc. who wish to learn the practice, in-person and virtual supervision can be arranged. Narrative Coaching is particularly useful in classrooms and boardrooms where it can be used to enhance group dynamics and heighten emotional intelligence (EQ). Depending on the experience level of the group, this type of supervision may be preceded by participation in a Narratology workshop. Similar to individual supervision, group supervision can also be used to review and discuss case studies brought by the group of supervisees.


  • Individual Supervision is billed at the regular session rate of $200/hour, with a sliding scale available with demonstrated need.
  • Group Supervision is customized to suit the audience so prices will vary. 

Paying attention to the specific words that your clients speak at the same time that you pay deep attention to what they’re feeling and how they’re behaving as they share their stories is a fruitful path toward the healthy reconstruction of their life narratives. This path entails a rhythmic tacking back and forth between the left brain, where we use words to make sense of the past and anticipated future, and exploration of the felt feelings in the right brain. It is this very “tacking” (akin to EMDR or hypnosis) that allows for deep memory retrieval and reintegration.
— Gail Noppe-Brandon, NIP Trauma Colloquium, 2013