The Importance of Re-writing Our Narratives

Those of us at Find Your Voice have long understood and cultivated the power of writing our stories, and then revising them. In the Narrative Therapy tradition, our clients are encouraged to give voice to, and make sense of their life experiences through the creation of plays. These become ‘healing dialogues’ in which they are able to speak to, negotiate with, and seek resolution with key figures in their lives…past and present. And these resolutions can offer new possibilities; possibilities they may never have imagined if they had not made the ‘write choice’ to stand in the shoes of both characters, and to consider anew their own words once on the page, and then enacted.

At the Imagination Summit held at the Lincoln Center Institute this past July, Deepak Chopra speaks to the importance of re-writing our narratives. Chopra said, “If you want to change something, change the story.” Teachers, clinicians and participants of all ages who take our workshops are being taught how to do just that.