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6:30 PM18:30

Why Their Words Matter: Making Sense of Clients' Stories

Everybody has a story. Articulating this narrative helps people to make sense of their lives, and a ''Guided Revision" of it helps them to heal. While clients tell their story in many ways (body language, symptoms, facial expressions, feelings, etc.), recent neuroscience supports the idea that retrieving their own specific words is an essential, and often neglected, part of the puzzle. This workshop will provide tools that any clinician can use to heighten their comfort and agility with unpacking their client's written and spoken text, both within and between sessions. Re-framing text can unfreeze a traumatic story or revise the roles for clients who are embedded in the stories of narcissistic parents, or even empower those for whom self-care creates a frighteningly radical revision of their story of dependency. As a clinician and narratologist, Gail Noppe-Brandon will present case examples, discuss concepts, and share insights from her 25 years of practice.

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7:30 PM19:30

Integrative Trauma Colloquium: Reconstructing Trauma Narratives

Clients who have experienced trauma often feel imprisoned in their stories, frozen in time, certain that the future will be a reproduction of the past. In helping to make coherent the fragmented images of a traumatic life, we can help them to define their story, rather than being defined by it. Clinicians are often trained to 'ignore the words' and focus on the affect. While clients tell their stories in many ways, words are essential parts of the stories – especially if the right questions are asked, and the material is handled with respect, flexibility and transparency.   As a playwright and narrative therapist, I will present case examples of the kinds of creative 'dramaturgy' that can be done.

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8:30 AM08:30

LEADERSHIP: Leading from the Inside Out - THE Marketing Event 2012: Breaking Ground

How do you set the path to authentic A/E/C leadership? We’ve asked three leaders in the industry to talk about just that.  They will outline their own journey to leadership roles beginning with their acknowledgement of their own values, insights and worth. Exploring their own experiences in developing their emotional intelligence, they tell how they’ve taken ownership of their role publicly by offering an effective vision and leading others forward. 

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