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Those who wish to discover and reconstruct their narratives via email/writing can use my emailing platform – WrittenMeditations – to connect virtually. Just as with in-person or remote sessions, clients will be led by smart, dramaturgical questions and accompanied into useful explorations of their own story, past, present and future. WrittenMeditations, unlike in-person narrative coaching, allows for spontaneous voicing – no appointment needs to be scheduled, and writing can be done at any hour and in any location – with the assurance of a quick response.

Unlike unguided journaling, uncovering one’s story in dialogue with a trained Narrative Coach offers the opportunity for caring accompaniment in difficult material. You will gain the perspective of an expert listener and written responder who has distance on the story being shared and can honor it without distortion. This act of mindful communing allows what is stored in the left brain of the writer, to be brought meaningfully into awareness by the right brain. This leads to integration of new awareness and the transformation of feelings and behavior. Ironically, it does so by using what you already knew about yourself and didn’t even know you knew!

You need not be a ‘writer’ by nature or profession in order to become comfortable with this method; it will begin to feel perfectly natural to author your experience in this way, (thus gaining ‘author’ity over your life), and it will feel perfectly natural to be understood and responded to with great attunement and warmth by an unseen partner in dialogue.


  • Spontaneous voicing is possible with a guaranteed, quick response.
  • Visual privacy allows for time to consider unscheduled responses.
  • Sharing meditations reduces feelings of isolation.
  • Written meditations create a permanent record of your discovery process, and can even be augmented by photos or other forms of expression.
  • Engaging in this regular written mediation practice will help you to articulate yourself more readily in all arenas of your life.
  • For those who are reluctant to language their thoughts and feelings, engaging in written meditation will strengthen these muscles.
  • For those who find it difficult to focus their articulations, or get uncomfortably lost in their own material, the limitation to two hundred for these meditations will encourage a practice of concisely articulating what is most deeply felt and most present.

How it works:

  • The client and the Narrative Coach will communicate solely through email using
  • Responses will be limited to a specific word or paragraph limit, when appropriate, for therapeutic benefit.
  • After the very first exchange you will have a clear idea of how you hold your story, where it might have gotten stuck, and how this stuckness is evident in your current life. From there, you can go as deep as you choose to into the work and the working relationship.


  • Payment: $125 per week for up to 5 emails or $500 per month for up to 20 emails (5/wk).
  • Paid through Paypal.
  • The initial exchanges to establish rightness of fit for this work are free.
  • Special rates are offered for in-person and remote clients who wish to extend their work between sessions with written meditations.

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