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MetSchools' Our Education City conference

October 2012
Title: Where There's Dialogue, There's Learning

"Our work as educators is not only to teach to the whole child, but to cultivate wholeness in the child. Learning requires presence... in the way we talk and listen to learners. We are never taught to truly listen, and it's one of the most difficult things to do well. It is we who must model the paradigm shift from "self" conscious to "other" conscious  This capacity for deep connection is the antidote to attention deficit... it is attention surplus."


Society for Professional Marketing Services

November 2012
Title: LEADERSHIP: Leading from the Inside Out

“Leading does not mean having underlings to supervise per se; leadership is a sense of authority; one that allows a professional to lead themselves. The word, ‘authority’, has a special very meaning, because it contains the word ‘author’. Our identities lie in our stories; we can’t have a sense of authority, without having a coherent sense of identity. Developing ‘inner leadership’ allows you to harvest the seeds of authority already in your toolkit. You don’t have to be an extravert, to be a thought leader.”


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center

April 2013
Title: The Use of Narrative in the Treatment of Trauma

"Both small and large traumas (ranging from loss of other to loss of self) create blocks and ruptures to narrative flow. Narrative reconstruction unfreezes and completes historical narrative while inviting fuller presence to your ongoing narrative, and thus achieving flow."


Training with Clinicians 


Gail supervising trainees.




Gail leading a narratology workshop with seniors engaged in life review.

Urban Assembly teachers at the culmination of their weekend-intensive workshop on "Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom."