Welcome to The Voicing Project!

You are now in the company of others who wish to fully articulate themselves…

The Voicing Project is a practice that is dedicated to the articulation, sharing and revising of personal narratives. This work is done one-on-one and in groups, via Skype and email, orally and in writing. Once the Practice is learned it can be continued independently of the Coach.

This particular process of articulation and revision – Narrative Reconstruction – was developed by Gail Noppe-Brandon, LMSW, MA, MPA, (founder and former director of Find Your Voice, Inc.), a writer, social worker and educator. It has been practiced over a thirty-year period in classrooms, community centers, seniors centers, theatres, businesses, clinics, privately and anywhere people are interested in discovering who they really are and who they really wish to be, by learning to listen to and then revise their own words.

The Narrative Coaching process allows clients to discover the answers they already hold, in a creative approach and within a secure relationship. Something between the practical advice-giving of Life Coaching and the open-ended symptom focused work of therapy, Narrative Reconstruction is a guided form of self-discovery that helps clients discover where and why they are stuck, and what has been misunderstood or forgotten in their own life stories, by helping clients access their own knowings and give voice to them.

Based on the evidence based research that we often don’t hear what we are saying to others, or know what we feel or remember until we write it down, participating in Narrative Reconstruction is like watching the movie of your life with a really good editor who can draw your attention to inconsistencies in the plot, jump cuts, lack of continuity, and key themes that underlie the story; and then collaborate in the revision process.

Narrative Reconstruction is helpful for people who:

-Are in career or relationship transition
-Have recently lost someone or something significant
-Are confronting illness or aging
-Are stuck in the past, or can’t remember the past
-Feel misunderstood by those in their families or communities
-Have been discouraged from voicing their truth
-Are seeking greater comfort with sharing thoughts, ideas & visions with others
-Are feeling unhappy with their lives but are unsure of of why
-Underestimate their own strengths and possibilities
-Feel stuck in a role they have not been able to shake
-Hold themselves back from pursuing what they want, or are unsure about what they want

-Feel cut off from the life they want

Typically, at least 5-10 Narrative Coaching sessions are necessary in order to identify parts of the story that need attention and revision. Ongoing work is available for more complex revision. Written exercises are often a part of the work both within and between Coaching sessions; no prior writing skill or experience is necessary.

**Narrative Reconstruction is not appropriate for people who feel in danger of harming themselves or another, or who feel the need/desire for medication; such clients should seek psychological counseling. As with any meditative, writing or self-awareness practice, we bear no liability for the reactions clients have to their own discoveries. All sessions and communications are fully confidential. It is considered that in pursuing an appointment, the Client has read and agreed to this disclaimer, and understands that Narrative Coaching is used to help people address specific concerns with specific skills. Clients are asked to discharge The Voicing Project and its agents from all actions, claims, and demands they may have for any perceived injury or damage as a result of the Narrative Coaching process.