Private Coaching

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Public Dialogue

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In Person

One-on-one in-person Narrative Coaching sessions are ideal for clients located in the New York City area. A fully embodied accompaniment that is interactive in the moment and heightens social and communication skills which clarify client narrative.

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Remote via Skype

Remote Narrative Coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or Face-Time are ideal for those clients who are located beyond the New York City vicinity, or who travel heavily. A person-to-person coaching session with visual cueing in the comfort of your own space.

 Choose your own method and schedule. You can make an appointment here 

* It is considered that in pursuing an appointment, the client has read and agreed to this disclaimer, and understands that narrative coaching is used to help people address specific concerns with a specific skill. Clients are asked to discharge Gail Noppe-Brandon, LLC and its agents from all actions, claims, and demands they may have for any perceived damage as a result of the narrative coaching process. All sessions and communications are fully confidential.