Find Your Voice, Inc. - 1988-2012

For 25 years, Find Your Voice, Inc. (FYV) helped people of all ages and backgrounds articulate and revise their stories, and develop the flexibility to change their lives. Originally developed for fearful freshman writers at NYU, it was then refined over a decade with innercity students at the Children's Aid Society. The award-winning FYV method was a marriage of meaning-making and art-making, using playwriting and acting tools to enhance emotional intelligence and communication skills. Evocative photographs triggered dramatic dialogues, which inevitably told the stories of what was on participants' minds, and in their hearts – in groups and one-on-one.

Dozens of these stories are shared in One Vision, Many Voices, an Editor's Choice Award winning anthology with a Forward by psychologist Robert Neimeyer, PhD. 

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Board 2012-2013

Board of Directors

Chair, Aliah Greene (Morgan Stanley)*
Vice Co-Chair, Cathleen Wiggins (Bank Street College)*
Vice Co-Chair, Emily White (Bank Street College)*
Treasurer, Ron Trenouth (HLW International)

Judith Bendewald (NYSTEA)*
Sally Davis (Columbia University)
Joyce N. Eichenberg (Goodman Memorial Foundation)
Asia Edusa*
Fiona Fein
Barbara Freedgood (Psychotherapist)*
Kathy Lopez (FYV Alumnus Parent)*
Joel Lowy (AP, Museum School)*
Scott Noppe-Brandon (Lincoln Center Institute)
Rose Rivera- McCutchen (Lehman College)*
Daniel Rocker (Psychotherapist, Rocker Family Foundation) 
Beth Rudin DeWoody (Philanthropist)
Nozomi Terao (Happy Dolls, Inc.)

Advisory Board

Jamie L. Bennett (NEA)
Michael Lennon, ESQ. (Kenyon & Kenyon)
Colette Linnihan (Psychotherapist)
Diane Genovesi Manning (JP Morgan Chase)
Dr. Eduardo J. Marti (Queensborough Comm. College)
Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD (University of Memphis)
Sarah Paulson (Actor)*
Martha Tuck Rozett (Michael Tuch Fdn.)
Robert Stern (The Hampton Foundation)*

Members Emeritus

Bernice Stern (Bernice & Milton Stern Foundation)
Susan Petersmeyer (Former Chair)
Louise Hutchins Bryant (Former Chair)

*graduates of the Find Your Voice Training programs

25 Years of Shared Voices

Find Your Voice: Artists Share Their Voices

FYV also helped diverse groups of artists uncover, craft/hone, and share their stories. Written in response to photographic triggers, clusters of their final plays (five or more) were presented in a variety of different venues, including (but not limited) to the following:

Lincoln Center’s Clark Studio Theater, NYC – 1997-2002

  • 2002 – Building, a Popera
  • 2001 – The St. Nicola Cycle
  • 1999 – Holding Patterns
  • 1998 – 4 Views With A Room
  • 1997 – Nothing You Can Say

78th Street Playhouse, NYC – 2000

  • 2000 – Girth

Blue Heron Arts Center, NYC – 1999

  • 1999 – Steam

Find Your Voice: Educators Share Their Voices

FYV trained teachers from over 100 New York City schools, public and private, elementary through college, training educators at such schools as Bank Street College of Education, Hunter College, Beacon College, and the Stephen Gaynor School. For more on this training in classrooms, see the Find Your Voice guide for educators and coaches on our Books and Videos page.

Find Your Voice: Students Share Their Voices

For 25 years, we have helped hundreds of students share their stories, and amplify their voices, at countless NYC public schools and social service agencies where we ran workshops. Check out our PBS piece on the results. We have presented clusters of their final pieces at the following venues:

  • Sullivan Street Theatre – 1987-1997
  • Lincoln Center’s Clark Studio Theater – 1997-2003
  • Wings – 2004
  • Solomon Theatre at the 14th Street Y — 2004
  • Blue Heron Theater – 2005

FYV has also partnered with the following organizations who commissioned pieces, and provided a venue for their final presentations:

  • Children’s Museum of Manhattan – 1996
  • Fortune Society – 1995
  • Jewish Museum – 1994
  • Children’s Aid Society – 1987-1997
  • Phoenix House – 1992
  • NAACP Conference -1990
  • Museum of Natural History, Women’s History Month – 1989
  • Children of Alcoholics Foundation- 1987

For a limited time, you can visit the Find Your Voice website.